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Rabbit's Quest is a metroidvania with a retro aesthetic.

Your team was exploring the galaxy looking for alternate sources of energies, until the radar detected something on a unknown planet.

However, things go wrong and now you are many thousands feet under the ground in a hostile planet full of monsters and riddles.

Will you be able to get back to your ship and get away from this planet?


+ 13 colorful areas to explore
+ retro feel and graphics
+ more than 80 different enemies to destroy
+ easy to play, hard to master
+ a beautiful and immersive jazz fusion soundtrack
+ epic boss fights
+ 2 different endings (normal and secret)
+ 15 upgrades to find
+ inspired on Hero Core, An Untitled Story, Environmental Station Alpha

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags8-Bit, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Retro, Shoot 'Em Up
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Made a video

Oh great! I'm going to check it out and comment on it

Hey, gave the game another try and definitely have gotten further than before.

I was wondering:
is there the full map online somewhere?
cause currently there are many missing areas left on the map that I have no idea how to get to.
from the places I can currently reach are the insta kill lake.

have beaten golden castle before (king was actually kind of easy pattern wise)
and made it towards surfec to after the mid save point, where you have to fight the 3 phase death phoenixes.

like the one room with the 2 phoenixes and the annying skull.
where, despite the blocks being removed, the damn birds just wouldnt get close to the barrel.
so it took a ton of hp to kill them the old fashioned way :-)

but yeah, only open ways I know of would be the phoenix surface way (just to annoying for me currently, damn birds) and the isnt death lake.

got green and red gem, no idea where to find the others.

so yeah, would be nice to see the full map so I knew where to search for the entrances to the hidden areas.

have gone through mos of the areas many times and didnt really find any access point :-/

wish I could have had a boss fight with the bee keeper though :-D

made it past the death phoenixes.
now up to the stone guy.
not that fighting and avoiding him is too hard.

that fight just gets dragged out quite long, with you taking a hit here or there cause you no longer concentrate enough.

made it till he confused me with messed me up real good.

how long does this fight go?
and will i ever be able to actually hurt the guy? :O

Update for the 0 guys that care about it:
made it to the secret area.
which surely isnt easy at all :-)


you can see the full map if you check out the last videos

on my rabbit's quest gameplay.

I... don't know what a 3 phase death phoenix is xD.

annoying skull??

damn birds?!?!?

sorry, I don't know what you are talking about xD

can you post images of these things so I can help you?

if you got two gems... I think you cant get a couple stats

but that's it... you gotta fight the final boss to get another powerup.


yeah, fuck the bee keeper.


stone guy?!?! who is that? haha

(ok, now I know what you are talking about)

the phoenixes are actually machines haha.

oooh the stone guy! he's actually the final boss.


oh well... you made it to secret area!! great! so you actually got all the gems??

you know... I actually nerfed the game twice! and people still

find it hard lol, maybe needs another nerf?

I know that you nerfed it.
Honestly I couldn't have beaten it without it though, thanks for that! :-)

with phoenix I mean the well bird enemies you fight on the direct path to the surface, which, if not killed via barrel, have 3 annoying phases.
hated them, even though I kind f got good on how to handle them if other enemies dont mess me up :-)


dont remember exactly that comment anymore, but on the way to the gem in the purple area there were some green enemies that flew around the room, placing green stationary blob enemies everywhere. they were kind of annoying at first but now am defeating them easily.

birds referred to above birds which I decided to call phoenixes cause it sounds cool :-)

while I was making fun of the bee keeper, these were actually the most relaxing levels in the whole game :-)

yeah, beat the stone guy, it actually wasnt much further after he conufsed me. fight was jsut long but not too hard.

yeah, got all the gems by now.

However there is one thing I will never forgive you! >:-(

You forced me to slaughter the only people in my life that ever wanted to be my friends! >:-(


hehe, you killed them!! it's all your fault!! haha

so are you in the secret area right now? how's that going?


started replaying it from scratch but it sure is demanding at times :-)
got loose ends in the magical tower, water place, electric city and more and they all arent exactly easy to beat :-)


The game was excellent.

Very good enemy roster with Ancient caves being the apotheosis on that front, each area is unique enough, a cool and organic puzzle or secret here and there, music is nice, gfx are sometimes simple but always clean, diverse and inspiring enough, the game is big, difficulty is on point with, in particular, always the right length of sequences between two save points, I like that several sequences are just as hard as boss fights instead of the difficulty being restriced to boss fights.

I guess even the 5 seconds of dialogs before fighting a boss could be skippable so you can retry quicker, and a matter of taste but the best parts being the hard area you can access early but will probably not manage to beat right away, like this one in Electric city, I sometimes felt the game could be even slightly more nonlinear.

Anyway, I loved every second of the game, thanks for sharing, I'll follow whatever you'll come with next in the case you intend to release more games.

Thanks for you review :)

yeah, I restricted access to hard areas early because people would get confused and thought the game was impossible to beat from the get-go hahaha.


I suppose this genre could also be called... a Bun n' Gun?
Ah? :-D


I'm sorry, I will have to ban you.

lol just kidding, enjoy the game!


Excellent game here! absolutely reminds the essence of Hero Core, I'm actually doing a let's play of this game, it's hard but really entertainment! A really great game that deserves to be played!

Let's Play (Spanish)

Muy bueno! gracias! 



Hey just wanna say thanks for this game, I really enjoyed it and I recommend it often!

I stopped a while ago at 97%, but one day soon I'll dedicate the time to beat that last part! 



Hey thank you! Much appreciated!

Buenas! Empecé a jugar hoy y apenas pude pasar el primer jefe. Estoy teniendo un problema: no puedo lograr desviar el dash hacia arriba o hacia abajo para romper algunos obstáculos. ¿Esto es intencional?

hola! no entiendo, el dash lo podés hacer en cualquier dirección.

Estás jugando con teclado? prueba con joystick. Igual no deberías tener ningún problema. sí podés hacer un video en todo caso y me fijo.

god, this game is hard!
just did the magic tower, now onto the pruple area.
but the sequence of rooms there keeps kicking my ass as well!

good game but the damage done to you is ridiculous.

I just remember the magic tower boss that has 4 attacks done one after and another and one of the shots in the first attack will take away like 50 health (of like 200 you have at that point)

this is ridiculous!

I dont know how this other guy manages to have like 350 at this point as there arent even that many rooms total! >:-(

Will release an update soon to make the game easier :)

Hey, update is ready!

(2 edits)

Hi, I have enjoyed playing the game up to a certain point, as making my way through the room with 8 purple robots, more purple robots and 2 giant crabs/bugs in the next room and beyond (in Electric City) has been quite challenging, especially due to my panicking over a room filled with enemies and bullets (and the dash power taking a while to recharge.

I'll watch a walkthrough video (if it's available) to help me get past those few rooms, then dive back in :p

Aside from Electric City, I had thought of progressing through the Stone Caves, but I'll have to wait until I can drop the giant stone head/horns and beat the big green spiders (with a grey 'X' on them; they regularly spawn hopping, bullet-shooting minions).

Anyhow, your video below seemed a little long as I normally just zip past most enemies instead of killing them :D

Also, I did not know there is a shop somewhere in the game; guess I'll be able to put those points to use once I find said shop.

Edit: Okay, I definitely should have explored the Stone Caves a little more before continuously butting my head at those 8 purple robots in Electric City :p


Glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, you get access to very hard areas (almost impossible) very early in the game. Maybe I shouldn't let that happen =P.

I expect players to check alternate routes if they find one of them very difficult, but for some reason they still try to beat those hard areas haha.


hey, update is ready! game is now easier =)

Hi, I'll check the game out over the next few weeks; I went and spoiled myself with your YouTube videos shortly after my last playthrough, so it'll take me a while to get back into your game :)

can someone please help me? I explored the start area, the green area and the stone cave.
but there are blockages everwhere that I dont know how to get past :-(

Go left left left, to Electric City! There you will find the first boss and powerup.

you mean top left?
I cant, theres an invisible barrier!

there's a helix barrier in the bottom left of the graas lands, top left is the invisible barrier with the rain, then there's 2 barriers in the iron cave to the top right.

This video will help you out.

god, that helix barrier can be destroyed? :O

I shot at it once or twice and since it didnt budge I thought it would be indestructible until I get a later upgrade.

guess I was too impatient there :-D

Thanks for the video! :-)

nice game so far, starts out easy, but get quite hard.
beat the first boss, bought the health upgrade.

but the upcoming bosses are hard.
the triple shot ufos are harsh as are the green shooter spawners.

gotta think of a smart way to kill them all

BTW, there seems to be some little typos and such. The last line of the old man in the extra dungeon is “good look young rabbit...”, which I suppose should’ve been “good luck”? And about the squirrel behind the 6 barriers, there was a exclamation mark before all barriers are off, but they are gone when I finally can actually reach where it was...

Ah interesting. Yes there could be some typos that I haven't caught lol.

And the squirrel line is gone because you went there with all upgrades and full HP... if you don't go with full HP then the squirrel tells you "oh you need full HP here!"

oh, uh, didn’t think of that;)


I’ve reached HP 255, bullet lv2, all the others lv1. Sorry but I think I will just give it up here, for it’s just too frustrating for me to go through the same rooms again and again and again trying to beat the room in the end of the sequence...I can see a lot of thoughts put into making all the hundreds of rooms, but it’s just too hard for me.

Ah you made it very far!

I suspect you didn't find Magic Tower.

It's on the right of Glum Vil, behind the snail. You can get there without trouble.

Actually, I didn’t give up and now I’ve made it to toxic cavern (?). HP 388, dash lv1, bullet lv2, speed lv2, resistance lv2, dive lv1, and green and red gems. Yet, it’s still frustrating to beat the new rooms...it seems that I need to pass 10+ rooms for the next save points once I got killed (again). The first save point in toxic cavern has lv2 blocks that require dash lv2 to destroy, right? And I haven’t got that yet.

HP 423 now. I can’t seem to get any more upgrades and I’m already at the surface. There are these muscular things guarding doors in volcano, snowy mountain and tower, the instant-kill lake, the gems gates, blocked area needing dash lv2 in Glum Vil, and the hidden areas left of volcano core that I can’t find the access. Still haven’t found dash lv2. Are these post-ending things or I can get them before passing the meteor-throwing guy (final boss?)?


Wow, you are amazing. This game is hard but you are still kicking ass!

Now you need to beat the final boss... he will give you something that will allow you to pass the muscular guys.


I've got the normal ending with full Max HP and full upgrades (?). Didn’t think I’d make it this far...not sure if I have what it takes to beat the extra area though. A cool game for hardcore retro shooter fans! (Not me though, I could use easier difficulties:) And there are indeed more than 80 types of enemies!

I’d suggest that maybe those rooms with barriers that disappear after all enemies wiped out can become such that those barriers don’t respawn. Those rooms are well designed to offer good challenges, but enemies in this game are generally quite tough and requires a lot of hit to defeat (or I just miss out on an attainable bullet upgrade somewhere?), so going through them a second time should probably be faster once the challenge is solved. 


Not sure if I’ve missed any upgrade, but I can’t seem to proceed after I got dash and the first bullet upgrade. Enemies on all possible paths are just too difficult: the areas are tight, or their numbers are too many, or they hit hard and also has high hp, or all of the above combined...not sure if I just suck at this or if I’ve missed something...


No, you don't suck. I admit the game may be a bit hard.

I'm going to help you a bit: if you have those upgrades check out Electric City. There's a path that goes LEFT and it's not hard compared to the others. That path is near the room you fought the first boss.

I found 3 new paths after beating the first boss, and the upper 2 are too hard for me. I managed to pass the southwest one which is guarded by 2 ghosts (?), and now I’ve reached the volcano zone. I met 2 mid-bosses (?) that look the same, and I’m trying to figure out how to defeat them. I hope there are save points before those two boss rooms though...

I somehow make it further and now I have 207 HP, Dash lv1, bullet lv1, resistance lv1 and diving, yet I still can’t seem to pass the other 2 paths in electric city. And I feel that I can’t deal enough damage to proceed east from the first save point in deep water. The shell thing is quite tough (it only becomes vulnerable for a short window), and after dealing with it and proceeding to the next room, I don’t have enough light to deal with the turtle thing, and these two rooms only offer clear path after enemies are all gone...

This game is indeed quite challenging and feels quite non-linear, but I’m not sure I can finish it...


OYe, sinceramente me fastidia un montón que yo me haya gastado 9€ en este juego y después lo pongas gratis para todos. Quiero al menos parte de mi dinero de vuelta si puede ser.


No se puede dar devoluciones a esta altura. Compraste el juego hace 5 meses.


Pero es que me parece una estafa que me gaste dinero en un juego y después este gratis. Quiero alguna ventaja o algo.

not "ON SALE 100% OFF"  but you can download until ..............

It's a Summer Sale discount

Deleted 2 years ago

why not just download it now?

The problem with making it claimable is that in order to download the game, people have to make an account.

Deleted 2 years ago

Antes de comenzar con la valoración del juego, tengo que destacar que soy daxty20YT, el que te comentó en el trailer xD.

El juego es divertido y con muchos detalles, uno que me encanta es cuando sales del agua. Yo creo que al juego le falta un poco de música (solo he llegado a electric city) porque así solo con los ruidos el juego parece que "no este vivo", por así decirlo. El juego es bastante difícil, y como recomendación yo te diría que cuando muere 10 veces el personaje sin llegar a una zanahoria te mejore la vida o daño o algo que te dé un poco de ventaja hasta llegar a una zanahoria. Y sobre la música, he escuchado un poco por los vídeos y la verdad me gusta bastante.


-Poner más música al juego (a las 3 primeras areas por lo menos no hay música)

-La verdad, estaría muy bien un multijugador aunque fuera local.

Solo esas 2 recomendaciones, porque para mí lo demás está bien. También me encanta la variedad de enemigos, en las primeras 3 areas ya te ponen un montón de enemigos diferentes.

LO MEJOR DEL JUEGO: La jugabilidad, gameplay y gráficos.

LO PEOR DEL JUEGO: El único contra que tengo es la música, pero apenas baja la nota.

NOTA FINAL: 9,5/10 Sin duda este juego se merece un sobresaliente. Ha valido la pena todo este tiempo de espera xD

Hola daxty, gracias por la review, paso a responderte:

- el juego tiene música en todos los niveles! (excepto dirt cave, pero eso es adrede)
Haz lo siguiente, vuelve a jugarlo a ver si  esta vez sí aparece la música. En caso de que no... debe ser un tema de la compilación. La primera compilación que hice fue .exe pero a algunos les saltaba como virus.. así que la cambié por .zip
Haz esa prueba por favor (simplemente intentar jugarlo de nuevo), y si no funciona, subo la versión exe y te descargas esa!

- lo del multijugador es algo muy complejo para implementar, me tomaría meses hacerlo (necesito balancear, reconsiderar muchísimas cosas) y ya no tengo interés en tocar el juego. No me es redituable.

Saludos y gracias por la review!

La música sigue sin funcionar :/

Bueno, cargo el *.exe y te aviso

Hola Daxty, ya está subido el exe, vuelve a probar por favor


Ya funciona la música. Está bastante bien, me gusta.

V1.1 is ready! some bugs fixed, some areas are now easier.